ELLEGARDEN/A Song for James

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A Song for James


The hidden law
That's what I am looking for
Or should I call it fate?

I'm searching 'round
To pick the piece of me I dropped
It's still smoldering
The heat is burning my skin
Hey, man, can you hear me?

Nobody wants to sing my song
Nobody wants to be my guide
Nobody wants to help me out
Nowhere I can run and hide
Nobody wants to take my hand
But I wanna take your hands
Yes, I wanna take your hands

Turn me inside out
Treasure boxes are all sealed
Need to understand
Before I ruin everything

The hidden law
Searching for a scrap of evidence
Don't count me in
I'm not the part of the scheme
Hey, man, can you hear me?

I turn my head to look back at the way I've run here
Lights behind me are off and I can see nothing

All right, here I go
Wind at my back, time to start now