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She looks smiley
He looks friendly
You may be nice
Don't know who I am

She is talkative
He is whiner
You are innocent
Don't know how I am

She keeps talking
He keeps begging
You are stainless
But I keep driving
Though I know you are the one who would end this rain

You make me feel I'm changing
That only makes me annoyed
Cause "Grab it, steal it, beat them down"
That's all I've learned

You are innocent
You are stainless
You are my best friend, so I tell you this
You are an angel
Let me feel good
Let me feel I am still alive
I have learned my instinct is hiding background
Though no one knows
But I keep denying

Cause the world is lonesome enough to me
The world is crazy enough to me
It keeps turning around and around and leaves me behind
I say the world is lonesome enough
I say the world is lonesome enough

When I've got a feeling that I am betrayed
I blame myself to have expected
The way you see it through your eyes could be different sight