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Signs of Life


I want to tell you what you've done for me
You started something new
I couldn't feel because I was asleep
But now I'm coming to

I found another day
I found another day

Like the way you are with me
I like the way you make me feel alive

Signs of life - everything's beginning now that we're together
Signs of life - I can see that you and me will be forever
Signs of life - could it be what I feel deep inside
Signs of life - is possible giving me signs of life

I never understood there could be more
Was barely pulling through
You know I've never felt this good before
It's all because of you

Ooh you were standing on my empty street
A light when it was dark
You got me dancing to a faster beat
The rhythm of my heart

Like the way this feeling grows
I like the way I feel so alive

I like the way I feel