Tokyo Jihen/Genjitsu wo Warau

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Genjitsu wo Warau
(Laughing at Reality)

Tokyo Jihen

You say those proverbs as if you had contrived them
I know your arrogance, but do not point it out
And you've not changed a bit in three long dismal years
I think your flaw isn't so much your fault as a charm
Maybe I will meet you one day, maybe Wdnesday, maybe not???
Still, I'm sure to meet you anyway, maybe Thursday, maybe not???

I want to be you
Just like a leaf that has flown away with the wind and the rain
This "romance" is so mellow, and "so real"
Just like a song that has died away with a flash in the night
I would like to be composed of you

You tell your stories as if you had no respect for anyone
I sing my songs as if I were a prostitute
You take a snap at me, and stuff yourself on my welfare
I feel like i am clinging to a cloud
Maybe I will kiss you slowly, maybe quickly, maybe not???
Still, I'm sure to kiss you anyway, maybe sweetly, maybe not???

I want to be you
It's hard to spend a lifetime for myself with the quakes and the storm
This "romance" is an error, and "surreal"
It's clear that I love your insensitiveness like the hills and the sky
I would like to be merged into you