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If we gather here, usual daily life can
Change into at once nanana "paradise"
If our old friends gather here, it can
Change into new face, "weio!!"

A wonderful showtime will start
A wonderful showtime from now
Only one to two, three, four, five, six...ten!!
It's increasing so rapidly
Connect with hand to hand, spreading our circle
Our enjoyable live will start now

Usual sound, resounding sound, it's a resounding
Sound, it's really lalala "great rhythm"
Usual neighbors who never related so far
He is touched in the head!!

Let's sing a song in chorus!!
With our big voice, "weio weio"
Shake here because of our jumping
And "weio weio"
Let's shout "nananana"
Feverish excitement "weio weio weio"

Clap your hands during makes your rhythm using your foots
Our enjoyable live will start now
Let's go to the paradise in step, make on circle and
Let's go to the smile paradise

Let's shout "nananana" involving everyone "weio weio"
Please happy music smile and "nana...weio weio"
A special live will be make up now
Let's sing a song in chorus!!
With our big voice "weio weio weio"

Let's shout "nananana" involving everyone "weio!!"