Kaguya Hime/Imouto

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(Little Sister)

Kaguya Hime

Romaji English

Imouto yo
Fusuma ichimai hedatete ima
Chiisana neiki wo tetete iru imouto yo
Omae wa yoru ga yoru ga yoru ga akeru to yuki no you na
Hanayome ishou wo kiru no ka

Imouto yo
Omae wa kiryou ga warui no dakara
Ore wa zuibun shinpai shite itan da
Aitsu wa ore no tomodachi dakara
Tama ni wa sannin de sake demo nomou ya

Imouto yo
Chichi ga shini haha ga shini omae hitori
Omae hitori dake ga kokoro no kigakari
Ashita omae ga dete iku mae ni
Ano misoshiru no tsukurikata wo kaite yuke

Imouto yo
Aitsu wa tottemo ii yatsu dakara
Donna koto ga attemo gaman shinasai
Soshite doushitemo doushitemo
Doushitemo dame dattara
Kaette oide imouto yo...

Little sister
With just one sliding screen between us
I can hear your quiet breathing as you sleep, my sister
When the dawn, when the dawn breaks, will you
Wear a bridal gown as white as snow?

Little sister
You're not pretty
So I've always worried
But he's my friend
So let's go out for drinks together sometimes

Little sister
Our father died, and then our mother, and now you're all I have
You are my heart's only concern
Before you leave tomorrow
Write down that recipe for miso soup

Little sister
He's a real good guy
So just hang in there no matter what happens
And if you really, really
Really can't make it work
Then come back home, my sister...