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Last lyrics update: 10/15/06 Currently there are 3019 romanized lyrics and 1467 translated lyrics by 416 artists.

Lyrics Requests

Requesting lyrics is easy and free. Just email me with a list of what songs you want, and tell me romaji or translation. I update every Sunday, and translation requests will be added in the order they're received, which may mean a wait of several months. However, if you are requesting romaji only, it will probably get added in the next update. The reason for this is that it takes me almost no time to do romanisations, whereas translations actually require a bit of thought and are thus more time-consuming.

There is no limit to requests, however, if you request anything more than one album's worth of songs, I will break your request into chunks so that you don't monopolise the queue. In addition, if it is a very new song, I may not be able to find the lyrics right away, however, I will put it on my list and add it as soon as I can find Japanese lyrics.

When you are requesting lyrics please specify whether you want romaji or translation. I am not a mind reader.

A list of requested songs and other future updates can be found Requests here.

Corrections: Sometimes I make typos, or sometimes the artist sings something different than what's written in the lyrics, or they use an alternate reading for a kanji, etc. If you notice anything that needs correcting, please tell me.


Current eBay auctions: None.

Non-auction sales: I am selling a bunch of anime (Animedia, Animage, Newtype) and music (CD Data, What's In? Musicnet, Edgeways, Dig It) magazines here, as well Japanese-language manga (Fruits Basket, D.Gray-man, Death Note) and some CDs (GLAY, V6, Triceratops). I am also still selling off almost my entire jpop CD collection and other stuff here. Either comment on the posts or email me if you're interested.

Translation Service

Want something translated? I have over seven years experience as a professional translator. I will translate videos, manga, doujinshi, websites, etc. Just email me and we'll work out a price.