Okuda Tamio/Sun's Market

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Sun's Market

Okuda Tamio

Romaji English

Madogoshi no taiyou da
Derarezu mirarezu
Madogoshi no taiyou wa
Tooi nisemono

Nisemono no taiyou wa
Todokazu terasezu
Heya no sumi no kage de
Dame na itazura

Aitenai ze saitenai ze
Kimi no me to hana
Terasanaide terasanaide
Ura ga omote ni mieru sekai

Usunoro no taiyou da
Todokazu terasezu
Kabe ni hebaritsuite
Kazu wo kazoeru

Naitenai ze naetenai ze
Baretenai kara
Terasanaide terasanaide
Migi ga hidari ni mo naru sekai

I can see the sun through the window
Can't go out, can't look at it
The sun through the window
Is a distant fake

The fake sun
Doesn't reach me, doesn't shine
It's a stupid prank
In the shadowed corners of my room

They're not open, not blooming
Your eyes and the flowers
Not shining, not shining
A world that's inside out

The foolish sun
Doesn't reach me, doesn't shine
I stick to the walls

I'm not crying, not wilting
No one knows
Not shining, not shining
A world where right is left