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[ rec'd 4/18/14 ]
[ rec'd 4/18/14 ]
<br>- [[ORANGE RANGE]]: ''Ika Summer'', ''Shiawase Neiro'', ''Sunny Stripe''
<br>- [[ORANGE RANGE]]: ''Ika Summer'', ''Shiawase Neiro'', ''Sunny Stripe''
[ rec'd 7/20/14 ]
<br>- [[Yoshiki Risa]]: ''Navigation'', ''Vocalo ga Rival''
[ rec'd 11/28/16 ]
[ rec'd 11/28/16 ]

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How to Request

Requesting lyrics is easy. Just email me with a list of what songs you want, and tell me whether you want romaji and/or translation. I try to update couple times a month, and translation requests will generally be added in the order they're received. However, if you are requesting romaji only, it will probably get added in the next update. The reason for this is that it takes me almost no time to do romanisations, whereas translations actually require a bit of thought and are thus more time-consuming. I no longer take full album requests unless you are paying. There is no fixed maximum number of songs per request, but five or fewer is a good amount.

If I cannot find Japanese lyrics for the song(s) requests, I will ask you to find me a site that has them or scans of the booklet. As a last resort I may be willing to translate from romaji or from an audio file. However, not everyone sings clearly enough to transcribe by ear.

Paying for Translations

All requests are free if you are willing to wait. However, even though the queue is nowhere near as long as it used to be, the wait is still pretty long due to me not having much free time to work on the site. If you would like your request translated faster, I am willing to do so for a fee. I generally charge $5 per song and payment can be made by cash, money order, or Paypal. The time-frame for paid translations is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how many songs you request and how busy I am. However, it will always be much, much quicker than waiting on the queue.


Sometimes I make typos, or sometimes the artist sings something different than what's written in the lyrics, or they use an alternate reading for a kanji, etc. Some older songs that were translated when I was not yet fluent may have mistakes. If you notice anything that needs correcting, please tell me.

Requests Queue

Following is a list of requests in the order that I received them, which is also roughly the order I will work on them. The date at the top of each section is when I received the requests. I can no longer guarantee a time-frame for them to be done by. All I can say is I will try to update a couple times a month and will try to add oldest requests first. However, single songs may get done quicker than larger requests.

If you are wondering what happened to the long queue that was here, early in 2012, I made an announcement that I would be deleting all old requests if the requester did not email me and say they still wanted them. I did keep the old list, though, and if you are just now seeing this notice and still would like me to keep your request, you can email me and I will move them to the current queue.

[ rec'd 9/30/09 ]
- Digimon Adventure: Chichin Puipui Unchi Poipoi, Haguruma Jikake no Mori, Ore wa Ogremon
- Digimon 02: Atarashii Taiyou, Boku no Ketsuron, Boku wa Boku Datte, Find Out, Forever Friends, Friend~Itsu Mademo Wasurenai~, Futari de Habatakeba, Happy Smile, Kaze ni Mukatte, Party, Refelection, Sora Iro no Kaze, Sora wo Crawl, Shining Star, Shiny Days, Steppin' Out, Sun Goes Down, Super Girl, Team, Tomadoi, Yamato Nadeshiko Panic, Yasashii Ame, Zettai All Right~Digimental Up!~

[ rec'd 12/9/12 ]
- Saegusa U-ka IN db: I Can't See, I Can't Feel, Itsumo Sugao no Watashi de Itai, Kimi no Ai ni Tsutsumarete Itai, Tobitatenai Watashi ni Anata ga Tsubasa wo Kureta

[ rec'd 7/6/13 ]
- Hayashibara Megumi: Kirameku Kakera
- Hiyama Nobuyuki: Joh! Butsu
- Horie Yui: In You
- Kumai Motoko: Laugh After Pain
- NUT'S: Moon Chant
- Park Romi: Jiri, Muge
- Takayama Minami: Inyou no Chigiri

[ rec'd 4/18/14 ]
- ORANGE RANGE: Ika Summer, Shiawase Neiro, Sunny Stripe

[ rec'd 11/28/16 ]
- KCB: Get Down, Heigh-pooooo!!, Namida

[ rec'd 4/10/17 ]
- Digimon Adventure tri.: Agumon Sunba, Daisukiism, Eien no Puzzle, Go My Way, Kibou no Tsubasa

[ rec'd 10/6/18 ]
- illion: Aiwaguma
- RADWIMPS: IIn Desu ka?, Oshakashama

[ rec'd 4/20/19 ]
- Aikawa Nanase: Atto Iu Ma, Crystal Heart, Everybody Goes, Glorious Night, Heat of the Night, Lovin' You, Owarinai Yume, Seven Seas, Tattoo, Yume Miru Shoujo ja Irarenai
- Suzuki Ami: Drive Me Crazy