On Standby in the Library

Berryz Koubou


Ha ah
We walk home together
Even though our houses
Aren't quite in the same direction
Ha ah
There's not much of a breeze
Together in the twilight

I wait in the library
For your practice to be over

I keep glancing out the window
To look at you

There's no use

Looks like
Everyone's the same

Ha ah
The library closes
I'm on standby
At the front gate
Ha ah
It feels like
Time's passing so slowly

A clattering sound
The sound of spiked shoes

To me it's the sound
Of seeing you soon

You come out
Looking cheerful

I feel like
I haven't seen you in ten thousand years

Ha ah
The first thing out of your mouth is
"I'm starving"
It really breaks the mood
Ha ah
But I guess
After all that exercise
"It can't be helped..."

Ha ah
Do you
Like me?
Ha ah
All you've been talking about
Is your coach

Ha ah
The sun goes down
My house gets closer
Ha ah
I won't see you again
Til tomorrow...it's painful

Kiss me on the cheek

"...That is, if I could say it..."

"Bye bye!"