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[ 1/28/21 ]
<br>- '''[[Iwasa Misaki]]''': ''[[Iwasa Misaki/Migi Te to Hidari Te no Blues|Migi Te to Hidari Te no Blues]]''
<br>- '''[[SING LIKE TALKING]]''': ''[[SING LIKE TALKING/Spirit of Love|Spirit of Love]]''
<br>- '''[[SOCIAL EMPIRE]]''': ''[[SOCIAL EMPIRE/Lost My Seed|Lost My Seed]]'', ''[[SOCIAL EMPIRE/Rust|Rust]]''
[ 12/28/20 ]
<br>- '''[[THE RODEO CARBURETTOR]]''': ''[[THE RODEO CARBURETTOR/Speed of Flow|Speed of Flow]]''
<br>- '''[[Walküre]]''': ''[[Walküre/Onya no Ko Girl|Onya no Ko Girl]]''
[ 11/28/20 ]
[ 11/28/20 ]
<br>- '''[[CHAGE and ASKA]]''': ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/Higher Ground|Higher Ground]]'', ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/N to L no Baseball Cap|N to L no Baseball Cap]]'', ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/Not At All|Not At All]]'', ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/Otoko to Onna|Otoko to Onna]]'', ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/Tao|Tao]]''
<br>- '''[[CHAGE and ASKA]]''': ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/Higher Ground|Higher Ground]]'', ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/N to L no Baseball Cap|N to L no Baseball Cap]]'', ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/Not At All|Not At All]]'', ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/Otoko to Onna|Otoko to Onna]]'', ''[[CHAGE and ASKA/Tao|Tao]]''
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<br>- '''[[Southern All Stars]]''': ''[[Southern All Stars/Shiori no Theme|Shiori no Theme]]''
<br>- '''[[Southern All Stars]]''': ''[[Southern All Stars/Shiori no Theme|Shiori no Theme]]''
<br>- '''[[Yoshida Takurou]]''': ''[[Yoshida Takurou/Natsu Yasumi|Natsu Yasumi]]''
<br>- '''[[Yoshida Takurou]]''': ''[[Yoshida Takurou/Natsu Yasumi|Natsu Yasumi]]''
[ 12/31/15 ]
<br>- '''[[EARTH]]''': ''[[EARTH/Your Song|Your Song]]''
<br>- '''[[Kaguya Hime]]''': ''[[Kaguya Hime/Imouto|Imouto]]'', ''[[Kaguya Hime/Kamo no Nagare ni|Kamo no Nagare ni]]''
<br>- '''[[Kitagawa Daisuke]]''': ''[[Kitagawa Daisuke/Tabi no Izakaya|Tabi no Izakaya]]''
<br>- '''[[Matsutouya Yumi]]''': ''[[Matsutouya Yumi/Banka (Hitori no Kisetsu)|Banka (Hitori no Kisetsu)]]''
<br>- '''[[Matsuzaki Kousuke]]''': ''[[Matsuzaki Kousuke/Sake yo Omae wa|Sake yo Omae wa]]''
<br>- '''[[Minami Kousetsu]]''': ''[[Minami Kousetsu/Ai Suru Hito e|Ai Suru Hito e]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakamura Maiko]]''': ''[[Nakamura Maiko/Never Let Me Go|Never Let Me Go]]''
<br>- '''[[Okada Nana]]''': ''[[Okada Nana/Seishun no Sakamichi|Seishun no Sakamichi]]''
<br>- '''[[The Supremes]]''': ''[[The Supremes/Koi wa Aserazu|Koi wa Aserazu]]''
<br>- '''[[Wish]]''': ''[[Wish/Roku Gatsu no Komori Uta|Roku Gatsu no Komori Uta]]''
<br>- '''[[Yashiro Aki]]''': ''[[Yashiro Aki/Ame no Bojou|Ame no Bojou]]''
<br>- '''[[Yoshida Takurou]]''': ''[[Yoshida Takurou/Haru Datta ne|Haru Datta ne]]'', ''[[Yoshida Takurou/Haru no Kaze ga Fuite Itara|Haru no Kaze ga Fuite Itara]]''
<br>- '''[[Yuki Saori]]''': ''[[Yuki Saori/Tegami|Tegami]]''
[ 11/30/15 ]
<br>- '''[[THE ALFEE]]''': ''[[THE ALFEE/Flower Revolution|Flower Revolution]]''
<br>- '''[[Amuro Namie]]''': ''[[Amuro Namie#Checkmate!|Checkmate! album]]''
<br>- '''[[Candies]]''': ''[[Candies/Hohoemi Gaeshi|Hohoemi Gaeshi]]''
<br>- '''[[Fujimoto Takara]]''': ''[[Fujimoto Takara/Voice|Voice]]''
<br>- '''[[Momoiro Clover Z]]''': ''[[Momoiro Clover Z/Romantic Kongaragatteru|Romantic Kongaragatteru]]''
<br>- '''[[Saitou Yuki]]''': ''[[Saitou Yuki/Doyoubi no Tamanegi|Doyoubi no Tamanegi]]'', ''[[Saitou Yuki/May|May]]''
<br>- '''[[Shizukusa Yumi]]''': ''[[Shizukusa Yumi/I Don't Love You|I Don't Love You]]''
[ 10/31/15 ]
<br>- '''[[Kikuchi Momoko]]''': ''[[Kikuchi Momoko/Seishun no Ijiwaru|Seishun no Ijiwaru]]''
<br>- '''[[Kimura Subaru]]''': ''[[Kimura Subaru/Tomodachi|Tomodachi]]''
<br>- '''[[Matsutouya Yumi]]''': ''[[Matsutouya Yumi/No Side|No Side]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakamura Maiko]] with [[Zushi Sankyoudai]]''': ''[[Nakamura Maiko/Kiss the Sky|Kiss the Sky]]''
<br>- '''[[Seifuku Koujou Iinkai]]''': ''[[Seifuku Koujou Iinkai/Paris no Koibito|Paris no Koibito]]''
[ 9/28/15 ]
<br>- '''[[Amuro Namie]]''': ''[[Amuro Namie/Arigatou|Arigatou]]'', ''[[Amuro Namie/Damage|Damage]]'', ''[[Amuro Namie/Higher|Higher]]''
<br>- '''[[CoCo]]''': ''[[CoCo/Dakara Namida to Yobanaide|Dakara Namida to Yobanaide]]''
<br>- '''[[girug&auml;mesh]]''': ''[[girug&auml;mesh/Dekiai|Dekiai]]'', ''[[girug&auml;mesh/Hollow|Hollow]]'', ''[[girug&auml;mesh/Kaisen Sengen|Kaisen Sengen]]'', ''[[girug&auml;mesh/Uso|Uso]]''
<br>- '''[[Johnny's WEST]]''': ''[[Johnny's WEST/All My Love|All My Love]]'', ''[[Johnny's WEST/Meikyuu Summer|Meikyuu Summer]]'', ''[[Johnny's WEST/Very Happy|Very Happy]]''
<br>- '''[[Kansai Johnny's Jr.]]''': ''[[Kansai Johnny's Jr./Hi! Ho!|Hi! Ho!]]''
<br>- '''[[Kei]]''': ''[[Kei/Sleep 2 the Moon|Sleep 2 the Moon]]'', ''[[Kei/Vesperbell|Vesperbell]]''
<br>- '''[[Kis-My-Ft2]]''': ''[[Kis-My-Ft2/Halley|Halley]]''
[ 8/31/15 ]
<br>- '''[[CLIFF EDGE]]''' feat. '''[[Nakamura Maiko]]''': ''[[CLIFF EDGE feat. Nakamura Maiko/The Distance|The Distance]]''
<br>- '''[[CoCo]]''': ''[[CoCo/Naze?|Naze?]]''
<br>- '''[[King Cream Soda]]''': ''[[King Cream Soda/Geragerapo no Uta|Geragerapo no Uta]]''
<br>- '''[[Moriyama Naotarou]]''': ''[[Moriyama Naotarou/Folk wa Boku ni Yasashiku Katarikakete Kuru Tomodachi|Folk wa Boku ni Yasashiku Katarikakete Kuru Tomodachi]]''
[ 7/31/15 ]
<br>- '''[[Harada Tomoyo]]''': ''[[Harada Tomoyo/Dandelion~Osozaki no Tanpopo|Dandelion~Osozaki no Tanpopo]]''
<br>- '''[[Johnny's WEST]]''': ''[[Johnny's WEST/Time Goes By|Time Goes By]]''
<br>- '''[[Katou Izumi]]''': ''[[Katou Izumi/Thursday|Thursday]]''
<br>- '''[[Komuro Tetsuya]]''': ''[[Komuro Tetsuya/Eien to Nazukete Daydream|Eien to Nazukete Daydream]]''
<br>- '''[[Matsuda Seiko]]''': ''[[Matsuda Seiko/Seifuku|Seifuku]]''
<br>- '''[[Matsutouya Yumi]]''': ''[[Matsutouya Yumi/Anniversary~Mugen ni Calling You|Anniversary~Mugen ni Calling You]]'', ''[[Matsutouya Yumi/Dandelion~Osozaki no Tanpopo|Dandelion~Osozaki no Tanpopo]]''
<br>- '''[[Momoiro Clover Z]]''': ''[[Momoiro Clover Z/Seishun Fu|Seishun Fu]]''
[ 6/30/15 ]
<br>- '''[[THE ALFEE]]''': ''[[THE ALFEE/Cinderella wa Nemurenai|Cinderella wa Nemurenai]]'', ''[[THE ALFEE/My Truth|My Truth]]''
<br>- '''[[girugämesh]]''': ''[[girugämesh/Hakujou no Yubiwa|Hakujou no Yubiwa]]'', ''[[girugämesh/Sakaurami|Sakaurami]]''
[ 5/31/15 ]
<br>- '''[[Hayabusa]]''': ''[[Hayabusa/Nande Yokohama...|Nande Yokohama...]]''
<br>- '''[[Ikimonogakari]]''': ''[[Ikimonogakari/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang|Kiss Kiss Bang Bang]]''
<br>- '''[[Johnny's WEST]]''': ''[[Johnny's WEST/Scars|Scars]]''
<br>- '''[[Kiyokiba Shunsuke]]''': ''[[Kiyokiba Shunsuke/Na mo Naki Hana|Na mo Naki Hana]]''
[ 4/30/15 ]
<br>- '''[[LAMA]]''': ''[[LAMA/Strawberry Burn|Strawberry Burn]]''
<br>- '''[[Mito Natsume]]''': ''[[Mito Natsume/Maegami Kirisugita|Maegami Kirisugita]]''
<br>- '''[[Mr.Children]]''': ''[[Mr.Children/Hanabi|Hanabi]]'', ''[[Mr.Children/Shounen|Shounen]]''
<br>- '''[[shela]]''': ''[[shela/Tsuki to Taiyou|Tsuki to Taiyou]]''
<br>- '''[[SID]]''': ''[[SID/Sleep|Sleep]]''
[ 3/15/15 ]
<br>- '''[[Amuro Namie]]''': ''[[Amuro Namie#Feel|Feel album]]'', ''[[Amuro Namie/Ballerina|Ballerina]]'', ''[[Amuro Namie/Beautiful|Beautiful]]'', ''[[Amuro Namie/Neonlight Lipstick|Neonlight Lipstick]]''
<br>- '''[[KCB]]''': ''[[KCB/Kimi to Sugoshita Hibi|Kimi to Sugoshita Hibi]]'', ''[[KCB/Love Fighting|Love Fighting]]'', ''[[KCB/Natsu Koi|Natsu Koi]]''
<br>- '''[[Ray]]''': ''[[Ray/Fragment Love|Fragment Love]]''
[ 2/28/15 ]
<br>- '''[[Ishii Rika]]''': ''[[Ishii Rika/Chinrenka|Chinrenka]]''
<br>- '''[[Michiyo]]''': ''[[Michiyo/Kireigoto...|Kireigoto...]]''
<br>- '''[[Mr.Children]]''': ''[[Mr.Children/Gift|Gift]]''
[ 1/26/15 ]
<br>- '''[[Broken Doll]]''': ''[[Broken Doll/I Miss You|I Miss You]]''
<br>- '''[[Johnny's WEST]]''': ''[[Johnny's WEST/My Best Friend|My Best Friend]]'', ''[[Johnny's WEST/Summer Dreamer|Summer Dreamer]]''
<br>- '''[[KNOCK OUT MONKEY]]''': ''[[KNOCK OUT MONKEY/Greed|Greed]]''
<br>- '''[[Nogizaka46]]''': ''[[Nogizaka46/Ano Hi Boku wa Tossa ni Uso wo Tsuita|Ano Hi Boku wa Tossa ni Uso wo Tsuita]]'', ''[[Nogizaka46/Korogatta Kane wo Narase!|Korogatta Kane wo Narase!]]''
[ 12/15/14 ]
<br>- '''[[Folder5]]''': ''[[Folder5/Go Ahead!!|Go Ahead!!]]''
<br>- '''[[HOME MADE Kazoku]]''': ''[[HOME MADE Kazoku/Oboeteru|Oboeteru]]''
<br>- '''[[Ishikawa Sayuri]]''': ''[[Ishikawa Sayuri/Sayonara no Tsubasa|Sayonara no Tsubasa]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakazawa Yuuko]]''': ''[[Nakazawa Yuuko/Tsuyogari|Tsuyogari]]''
[ 11/20/14 ]
<br>- '''[[Johnny's WEST]]''': ''[[Johnny's WEST/Can't Stop|Can't Stop]]''
<br>- '''[[Konishi Katsuyuki]]''': ''[[Konishi Katsuyuki/Kinen|Kinen]]''
<br>- '''[[Miyano Mamoru]]''': ''[[Miyano Mamoru/Kiss x Kiss|Kiss x Kiss]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakamura Maiko]]''': ''[[Nakamura Maiko/Let Go|Let Go]]''
<br>- '''[[NICO Touches the Walls]]''': ''[[NICO Touches the Walls/Rawhide|Rawhide]]''
<br>- '''[[Ray]]''': ''[[Ray/Nagi|Nagi]]''
[ 7/30/14 ]
<br>- '''[[Itou Kanako]]''': ''[[Itou Kanako/Gentou|Gentou]]'', ''[[Itou Kanako/Heaven|Heaven]]'', ''[[Itou Kanako/Voltage|Voltage]]''
<br>- '''[[Jukai]]''': ''[[Jukai/Wasurenagusa|Wasurenagusa]]''
<br>- '''[[Kagamine Len]]''': ''[[Kagamine Len/Polka Dot Alien|Polka Dot Alien]]''
[ 4/30/14 ]
<br>- '''[[JAY'ED]]''': ''[[JAY'ED/Can't Let Go|Can't Let Go]]''
<br>- '''[[Kids Alive]]''': ''[[Kids Alive/Futari no Kisetsu~North Point~|Futari no Kisetsu~North Point~]]'', ''[[Kids Alive/Reign Heart|Reign Heart]]''
<br>- '''[[Nogizaka46]]''': ''[[Nogizaka46/Kodoku Kyoudai|Kodoku Kyoudai]]'', ''[[Nogizaka46/Umareta Mama de|Umareta Mama de]]''
[ 2/16/14 ]
<br>- '''[[BUMP OF CHICKEN]]''': ''[[BUMP OF CHICKEN/Bunbetsu Funtouki|Bunbetsu Funtouki]]''
<br>- '''[[Goose house]]''': ''[[Goose house/Tatoeba, Kimi ga Shindara|Tatoeba, Kimi ga Shindara]]''
<br>- '''[[Ikegami Kei]]''': ''[[Ikegami Kei/Kowarekake no Radio|Kowarekake no Radio]]''
<br>- '''[[Kawamura Ryuuichi]]''': ''[[Kawamura Ryuuichi/Kowarekake no Radio|Kowarekake no Radio]]''
<br>- '''[[m.o.v.e]]''': ''[[m.o.v.e/Angel Eyes|Angel Eyes]]'', ''[[m.o.v.e/Raise Up|Raise Up]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakanishi Yasushi]]''': ''[[Nakanishi Yasushi/Kowarekake no Radio|Kowarekake no Radio]]''
<br>- '''[[Okudaira Kenji]]''': ''[[Okudaira Kenji/Kowarekake no Radio|Kowarekake no Radio]]''
<br>- '''[[Ooyama Yurika]]''': ''[[Ooyama Yurika/Kowarekake no Radio|Kowarekake no Radio]]''
<br>- '''[[rumania montevideo]]''': ''[[rumania montevideo/Picnic|Picnic]]''
<br>- '''[[Tokunaga Hideaki]]''': ''[[Tokunaga Hideaki/Kowarekake no Radio|Kowarekake no Radio]]''
<br>- '''[[Yuzu]]''': ''[[Yuzu/Manazashi|Manazashi]]''
<br>- '''[[ZERO]]''': ''[[ZERO/Kowarekake no Radio|Kowarekake no Radio]]''
[ 1/18/14 ]
<br>- '''[[Itou Shouhei]]''': ''[[Itou Shouhei/We Are Young|We Are Young]]''
<br>- '''[[SHINee]]''': ''[[SHINee/Bodyguard|Bodyguard]]'', ''[[SHINee/Dazzling Girl|Dazzling Girl]]'', ''[[SHINee/Run with Me|Run with Me]]''
[ 1/5/14 ]
<br>- '''[[Aqua Timez]]''': ''[[Aqua Timez/Eden|Eden]]''
<br>- '''[[Mizuki Nana]]''': ''[[Mizuki Nana/Justice to Believe|Justice to Believe]]'', ''[[Mizuki Nana/Mysterion|Mysterion]]''
<br>- '''[[Tujiko Noriko]]''': ''[[Tujiko Noriko/Magic|Magic]]''
[ 11/30/13 ]
<br>- '''[[Aldious]]''': ''[[Aldious/White Crow|White Crow]]''
<br>- '''[[L'Arc~en~Ciel]]''': ''[[L'Arc~en~Ciel#Butterfly|Butterfly album]]''
<br>- '''[[Silent Siren]]''': ''[[Silent Siren/I x U|I x U]]''
[ 9/29/13 ]
<br>- '''[[FIELD OF VIEW]]''': ''[[FIELD OF VIEW/Kawaita Sakebi|Kawaita Sakebi]]''
<br>- '''[[KOTOKO]]''': ''[[KOTOKO/Special Life!|Special Life!]]''
<br>- '''[[WANDS]]''': ''[[WANDS/Ashita Moshi Kimi ga Kowaretemo|Ashita Moshi Kimi ga Kowaretemo]]''
[ 8/31/13 ]
<br>- '''[[Amuro Namie]]''': ''[[Amuro Namie#Uncontrolled|Uncontrolled album]]''
<br>- '''[[Base Ball Bear]]''': ''[[Base Ball Bear/Lovesick|Lovesick]]''
[ 8/2/13 ]
<br>- '''[[FLOWER FLOWER]]''': ''[[FLOWER FLOWER/Tsuki|Tsuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Kitano Kie]]''': ''[[Kitano Kie/Raspberry Jam|Raspberry Jam]]''
<br>- '''[[Mitsu]]''': ''[[Mitsu/Ame no Naka Kiss|Ame no Naka Kiss]]''
<br>- '''[[ONE OK ROCK]]''': ''[[ONE OK ROCK/The Same As...|The Same As...]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakayama Kanako]]''': ''[[Nakayama Kanako/Broadway|Broadway]]'', ''[[Nakayama Kanako/Kanako no Surfing JPN|Kanako no Surfing JPN]]'', ''[[Nakayama Kanako/Mou Ichido Aitai|Mou Ichido Aitai]]'', ''[[Nakayama Kanako/Muhou Chitai|Muhou Chitai]]'', ''[[Nakayama Kanako/Shijou Saidai no Sakusen|Shijou Saidai no Sakusen]]''
<br>- '''[[Ootani Masae|Ootani Masae a.k.a. Himawari]]''': ''[[Ootani Masae a.k.a. Himawari/Endless Love|Endless Love]]''
[ 5/31/13 ]
<br>- '''[[EVANPONY]]''': ''[[EVANPONY/Just Rock with Me|Just Rock with Me]]''
<br>- '''[[Kamiki Aya]]''': ''[[Kamiki Aya/Forever More|Forever More]]'', ''[[Kamiki Aya/Kanawanai Nara~Winter Lovers~|Kanawanai Nara~Winter Lovers~]]'', ''[[Kamiki Aya/Kokoro ga...Mou Sukoshi|Kokoro ga...Mou Sukoshi]]'', ''[[Kamiki Aya/Mou Kaeranai|Mou Kaeranai]]'', ''[[Kamiki Aya/Tears|Tears]]''
<br>- '''[[Shirota Yuu]]''': ''[[Shirota Yuu/It Was You|It Was You]]''
<br>- '''[[Yamaguchi Momoe]]''': ''[[Yamaguchi Momoe/Gin Iro no Gypsy|Gin Iro no Gypsy]]'', ''[[Yamaguchi Momoe/I Came from Yokosuka|I Came from Yokosuka]]'', ''[[Yamaguchi Momoe/Otomeza Kyuu|Otomeza Kyuu]]'', ''[[Yamaguchi Momoe/Playback Part 1|Playback Part 1]]'', ''[[Yamaguchi Momoe/Yamabato|Yamabato]]''
[ 3/31/13 ]
<br>- '''[[the HIATUS]]''': [[the HIATUS#A World of Pandemonium|A World of Pandemonium album]]
<br>- '''[[Nothing's Carved In Stone]]''': [[Nothing's Carved In Stone/Blue Shadow|Blue Shadow]], [[Nothing's Carved In Stone/Crystal Beat|Crystal Beat]], [[Nothing's Carved In Stone/Lighthouse|Lighthouse]], [[Nothing's Carved In Stone/Out of Control|Out of Control]], [[Nothing's Carved In Stone/Raining Ash|Raining Ash]], ''[[Nothing's Carved In Stone#Silver Sun|Silver Sun album]]''
<br>- '''[[Silent Siren]]''': ''[[Silent Siren/Filter|Filter]]''
[ 1/28/13 ]
<br>- '''[[Coming Century]]''': ''[[Coming Century/Stay Gold|Stay Gold]]''
<br>- '''[[GLAY]]''': ''[[GLAY/Father & Son|Father & Son]]'', ''[[GLAY/Friend of Mine|Friend of Mine]]''
<br>- '''[[NEWS]]''': ''[[NEWS/Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice|Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice]]''
<br>- '''[[PUFFY]]''': ''[[PUFFY/Asia no Junshin|Asia no Junshin]]''
[ 12/16/12 ]
<br>- '''[[aiko]]''': ''[[aiko/Ashita mo Itsumo Doori ni|Ashita mo Itsumo Doori ni]]'', ''[[aiko/Biidoro no Yoru|Biidoro no Yoru]]'', ''[[aiko/Hoshi Monogatari|Hoshi Monogatari]]''
<br>- '''[[CHARA]]''': ''[[CHARA/Elegance|Elegance]]'', ''[[CHARA/Lemon Tea|Lemon Tea]]''
<br>- '''[[moumoon]]''': ''[[moumoon/Vanitas|Vanitas]]''
[ 11/30/12 ]
<br>- '''[[KOTOKO]]''': ''[[KOTOKO/Being|Being]]'', ''[[KOTOKO/Iruka|Iruka]]'', ''[[KOTOKO/Shuusou|Shuusou]]'', ''[[KOTOKO/Tsukiyo no Butoukai|Tsukiyo no Butoukai]]'', ''[[KOTOKO/Uzu-Maki|Uzu-Maki]]''
[ 10/31/12 ]
<br>- '''[[Eriko with Crunch]]''': ''[[Eriko with Crunch/Find Myself|Find Myself]]''
<br>- '''[[Fujii Fumiya]]''': ''[[Fujii Fumiya/Another Orion|Another Orion]]''
<br>- '''[[KOTOKO]]''': ''[[KOTOKO/Went Away|Went Away]]''
<br>- '''[[Okamoto Mayo]]''': ''[[Okamoto Mayo/Tomorrow|Tomorrow]]''
<br>- '''[[Plastic Tree]]''': ''[[Plastic Tree/Alone Again, Wonderful World|Alone Again, Wonderful World]]''
[ 9/30/12 ]
<br>- '''[[CHABA]]''': ''[[CHABA/Koibumi|Koibumi]]''
<br>- '''[[Hamasaki Ayumi]]''': ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi#Five|Five album]]''
<br>- '''[[Kusuo]]''' feat. '''[[HOME MADE Kazoku]]''': ''[[Kusuo/Yakusoku...|Yakusoku...]]''
<br>- '''[[TOKIO]]''': ''[[TOKIO/Good Bye Baby|Good Bye Baby]]''
[ 8/29/12 ]
<br>- '''[http://www.megchan.com/lyrics/index.php?title=Category:Digimon_Savers Digimon Savers]''': [[Hoshi Souichirou, Matsuno Taiki, Nakai Kazuya, Nojima Hirofumi/Team?|Team?]]
<br>- '''[[Hamasaki Ayumi]]''': ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi/Happening Here|Happening Here]]'', ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi/How Beautiful You Are|How Beautiful You Are]]'', ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi/You & Me|You & Me]]'', ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi#Love Songs|Love Songs album]]''
<br>- '''[[Mr.Children]]''': ''[[Mr.Children/Tegami|Tegami]]''
<br>- '''[[TRF]]''': ''[[TRF/Happening Here|Happening Here]]''
<br>- '''[[X JAPAN]]''': ''[[X JAPAN/Jade|Jade]]'', ''[[X JAPAN/Scarlet Love Song|Scarlet Love Song]]''
[ 6/30/12 ]
<br>- '''[[Jully]]''': ''[[Jully/Namari no Ame|Namari no Ame]]'', ''[[Jully/Rinne|Rinne]]''
<br>- '''[[Kamenashi Kazuya]]''': ''[[Kamenashi Kazuya/Zutto|Zutto]]''
[ 5/31/12 ]
<br>- '''[[Kylee]]''': ''[[Kylee#17|17 album]]''
[ 5/18/12 ]
<br>- '''[[Jully]]''': ''[[Jully/Hikari Sasu Basho|Hikari Sasu Basho]]'', ''[[Jully/Sayonara|Sayonara]]''
<br>- '''[[LINDBERG]]''': ''[[LINDBERG/Ii na|Ii na]]''
[ 3/17/12 ]
<br>- '''[[Hirahara Ayaka]]''': ''[[Hirahara Ayaka/Mama|Mama]]''
<br>- '''[[Moriyama Naotarou]]''': ''[[Moriyama Naotarou/Namida|Namida]]''
<br>- '''[[Saitou Kazuyoshi]]''': ''[[Saitou Kazuyoshi/Aruite Kaerou|Aruite Kaerou]]''
[ 2/18/12 ]
<br>- '''[[2HEARTS]]''': ''[[2HEARTS#Moon Venus|Moon Venus album]]''
<br>- '''[[Hotaru]]''': ''[[Hotaru/Shinitagari to Sora|Shinitagari to Sora]]''
<br>- '''[[RIDER CHIPS]]''': ''[[RIDER CHIPS/Touch|Touch]]''
[ 1/1/12 ]
<br>- '''[[girug&auml;mesh]]''': ''[[girug&auml;mesh/Midnight|Midnight]]''
<br>- '''[[Kylee]]''': [[Kylee/Just Go|Just Go]], ''[[Kylee/Kako wo Wasurereu Mahou|Kako wo Wasureru Mahou]]'', [[Kylee/The Luckiest Girl in the World|The Luckiest Girl in the World]], ''[[Kylee/My Best Friend|My Best Friend]]'', [[Kylee/On My Own|On My Own]], [[Kylee/She Wishes|She Wishes]]
<br>- '''[[Nagayama Youko]]''': ''[[Nagayama Youko/Hakata Yamakasa Onna Bushi|Hakata Yamakasa Onna Bushi]]'', ''[[Nagayama Youko/Okesa Koi Uta|Okesa Koi Uta]]''
<br>- '''[[Rie fu]]''': ''[[Rie fu/For Your Wedding|For Your Wedding]]''
<br>- '''[[Yamashita Tomohisa]]''': ''[[Yamashita Tomohisa#Supergood, Superbad|Supergood, Superbad album (disc 2)]]''
[ 10/5/11 ]
<br>- '''[[Aragaki Tsutomu]]''': ''[[Aragaki Tsutomu/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Atari Kousuke]]''': ''[[Atari Kousuke/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[chatmonchy]]''': ''[[chatmonchy/Mikazuki|Mikazuki]]''
<br>- '''[[girugämesh]]''': ''[[girugämesh/Goku|Goku]]''
<br>- '''[[Hajime Chitose]]''' & '''[[Hata Motohiro]]''': ''[[Hajime Chitose & Hata Motohiro/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Hirahara Ayaka]]''': ''[[Hirahara Ayaka/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Iruka]]''': ''[[Iruka/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Ise Shouzou]]''': ''[[Ise Shouzou/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Ishikawa Hitomi]]''': ''[[Ishikawa Hitomi/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Itsuki Hiroshi]]''': ''[[Itsuki Hiroshi/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Kaguya Hime]]''': ''[[Kaguya Hime/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[KOTOKO]]''': ''[[KOTOKO/Genzai no Requiem|Genzai no Requiem]]''
<br>- '''[[Matsubara Takeshi]]''': ''[[Matsubara Takeshi/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[MUCC]]''': ''[[MUCC/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakamori Akina]]''': ''[[Nakamori Akina/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakanishi Yasushi]]''': ''[[Nakanishi Yasushi/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Natsukawa Rimi]]''': ''[[Natsukawa Rimi/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Niinuma Kenji]]''': ''[[Niinuma Kenji/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Noto Arisa]]''': ''[[Noto Arisa#A Piece of Romance|A Piece of Romance album]]''
<br>- '''[[Okahira Kenji]]''': ''[[Okahira Kenji/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[ORIGINAL LOVE]]''': ''[[ORIGINAL LOVE/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Ryu Siwon]]''': ''[[Ryu Siwon/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Sakamoto Fuyumi]]''': ''[[Sakamoto Fuyumi/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Tachiki Fumihiko]]''': ''[[Tachiki Fumihiko/Innocent Sky~Aozora wo Kokoro ni Daite~|Innocent Sky~Aozora wo Kokoro ni Daite~]]''
<br>- '''[[Takahashi Naozumi]]''': ''[[Takahashi Naozumi/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
<br>- '''[[Tokunaga Hideaki]]''': ''[[Tokunaga Hideaki/Nagoriyuki|Nagoriyuki]]''
[ 7/24/11 ]
<br>- '''[[Noto Arisa]]''': ''[[Noto Arisa#End of the Gate|End of the Gate album]]''
[ 7/17/11 ]
<br>- '''[[Jully]]''': ''[[Jully/Ga|Ga]]'', ''[[Jully/Saishuu Ressha|Saishuu Ressha]]''
<br>- '''[[Kagrra,]]''': ''[[Kagrra,/Chikai no Tsuki|Chikai no Tsuki]]'', ''[[Kagrra,/Genei no Katachi|Genei no Katachi]]'', ''[[Kagrra,/Omou|Omou]]'', ''[[Kagrra,/Rin|Rin]]'', ''[[Kagrra,/Sarasouju no Komoriuta|Sarasouju no Komoriuta]]''
<br>- '''[[Lead]]''': ''[[Lead/Hikari|Hikari]]''
[ 7/4/11 ]
<br>- '''[[2HEARTS]]''': ''[[2HEARTS/Best Partner|Best Partner]]''
<br>- '''[[Fukuhara Miho]]''': ''[[Fukuhara Miho/Starlight|Starlight]]''
<br>- '''[[Hirose Koumi]]''': ''[[Hirose Koumi/Mayoeru Boy Miracle Girl|Mayoeru Boy Miracle Girl]]''
<br>- '''[[Jully]]''': ''[[Jully/Amida Rock|Amida Rock]]''
<br>- '''[[Kondou Kaoru]]''': ''[[Kondou Kaoru/Hello & Goodbye|Hello & Goodbye]]''
<br>- '''[[marble]]''': ''[[marble/Fluffy|Fluffy]]''
[ 6/7/11 ]
<br>- '''[[Fujiki Naohito]]''': ''[[Fujiki Naohito/2 Hearts|2 Hearts]]'', ''[[Fujiki Naohito/Flower|Flower]]'', ''[[Fujiki Naohito/Wonderful Days|Wonderful Days]]''
<br>- '''[[GReeeeN]]''': [[GReeeeN/Ame Agari|Ame Agari]], [[GReeeeN/Dream|Dream]], [[GReeeeN/Fuboka|Fuboka]], [[GReeeeN/Hallelujah!!!!|Hallelujah!!!!]], [[GReeeeN/Hikari|Hikari]], [[GReeeeN/Itsu Mademo|Itsu Mademo]], [[GReeeeN/Koe|Koe]], [[GReeeeN/Kuchibue|Kuchibue]], [[GReeeeN/Story|Story]], [[GReeeeN/Tounan Seihoku~Zenin Shuugou!!!!~|Tounan Seihoku~Zenin Shuugou!!!!~]]
<br>- '''[[Jackey Yoshikawa to Blue Comets]]''': ''[[Jackey Yoshikawa to Blue Comets/Blue Chateau|Blue Chateau]]''
<br>- '''[[Noto Arisa]]''': ''[[Noto Arisa#No Night Eden|No Night Eden album]]''
<br>- '''[[sphere]]''': ''[[sphere/Hazy|Hazy]]''
<br>- '''[[SCREW]]''': ''[[SCREW/Ancient Rain|Ancient Rain]]'', ''[[SCREW/Cursed Hurricane|Cursed Hurricane]]''
[ 4/24/11 ]
<br>- '''[[Jully]]''': ''[[Jully/Ningen Shikkaku|Ningen Shikkaku]]'', ''[[Jully/Sekai no Owari ni|Sekai no Owari ni]]''
<br>- '''[[Kagrra,]]''': ''[[Kagrra,/Chigiri|Chigiri]]''
<br>- '''[[Noto Arisa]]''': ''[[Noto Arisa#Innocent as a Baby|Innocent as a Baby album]]''
<br>- '''[[SCREW]]''': ''[[SCREW/Duality|Duality]]''
[ 3/13/11 ]
<br>- '''[[alüto]]''': ''[[alüto/Haribote Tsumiki|Haribote Tsumiki]]''
<br>- '''[[D=OUT]]''': ''[[D=OUT/Flashback|Flashback]]'', ''[[D=OUT/Satellite TV|Satellite TV]]''
<br>- '''[[Saitou Kazuyoshi]]''': ''[[Saitou Kazuyoshi/Zutto Suki Datta|Zutto Suki Datta]]''
<br>- '''[[Shinsengumi Lien]]''': ''[[Shinsengumi Lien/Ai no Uta|Ai no Uta]]'', ''[[Shinsengumi Lien/Hontou ni Boku de Iin Desu ka|Hontou ni Boku de Iin Desu ka]]''
<br>- '''[[Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai]]''': ''[[Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai/Shiritai Koto Ippai|Shiritai Koto Ippai]]''
[ 2/22/11 ]
<br>- '''[[KAT-TUN]]''': ''[[KAT-TUN/Ultimate Wheels|Ultimate Wheels]]''
<br>- '''[[Lead]]''': ''[[Lead/Speechless|Speechless]]''
<br>- '''[[OZ]]''': ''[[OZ/Filmy|Filmy]]'', ''[[OZ/Lead|Lead]]'', ''[[OZ/Pressed Flower|Pressed Flower]]''
<br>- '''[[universe]]''': ''[[universe/Haru Iro|Haru Iro]]'', ''[[universe/Only One|Only One]]''
<br>- '''[[ViViD]]''': ''[[ViViD/"Yume"~Mugen no Kanata~|"Yume"~Mugen no Kanata~]]''
[ 2/6/11 ]
<br>- '''[[2HEARTS]]''': ''[[2HEARTS/Blue Steel Knight|Blue Steel Knight]]'', ''[[2HEARTS/Road Movie|Road Movie]]''
<br>- '''[[Choshinsei]]''': ''[[Choshinsei/Ai Kotoba|Ai Kotoba]]''
<br>- '''[[D]]''': ''[[D/Der Konig der Dunkelheit|Der Konig der Dunkelheit]]'', ''[[D/Der Konig der Dunkelheit (Album Ver.)|Der Konig der Dunkelheit (Album Ver.)]]''
<br>- '''[[Hayami Saori]]''': ''[[Hayami Saori/Shiroi Kokoro|Shiroi Kokoro]]''
[ 1/23/11 ]
<br>- '''[[HIM]]''': ''[[HIM/Love Goes|Love Goes]]''
<br>- '''[[Kouda Kumi]]''': ''[[Kouda Kumi/Twinkle|Twinkle]]''
<br>- '''[[THE YELLOW MONKEY]]''': ''[[THE YELLOW MONKEY/Bara Iro no Hibi|Bara Iro no Hibi]]''
[ 1/3/11 ]
<br>- '''[[Crush Tears]]''': ''[[Crush Tears/Communication Breakdown|Communication Breakdown]]''
<br>- '''[[Taketatsu Ayano]]''': ''[[Taketatsu Ayano/Imouto Please!|Imouto Please!]]'', ''[[Taketatsu Ayano/Shine!|Shine!]]''
<br>- '''[[URATA NAOYA]] feat. [[Hamasaki Ayumi|ayumi hamasaki]]''': ''[[URATA NAOYA feat. ayumi hamasaki/Dream On|Dream On]]''
<br>- '''[[Utada Hikaru]]''': ''[[Utada Hikaru#Single Collection Vol. 2|Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol. 2 album]]''
[ 12/21/10 ]
<br>- '''[[girugämesh]]''' : ''[[girugämesh/Zero|Zero]]''
<br>- '''[[Honoka]]''': ''[[Honoka#Wedding Kiss|Wedding Kiss album]]''
<br>- '''[[Takekawa Yukihide]]''': ''[[Takekawa Yukihide/Happiness|Happiness]]''
[ 12/5/10 ]
<br>- '''[[the HIATUS]]''': [[the HIATUS/Curse of Mine|Curse of Mine]], ''[[the HIATUS#Anomaly|Anomaly album]]'', ''[[the HIATUS#Trash We'd Love|Trash We'd Love album]]''
<br>- '''[[LAST ALLIANCE]]''': ''[[LAST ALLIANCE/Filter|Filter]]'', ''[[LAST ALLIANCE/Lie of Eternity, Paint It Blue|Lie of Eternity, Paint It Blue]]'', ''[[LAST ALLIANCE/Lucky Luciano ni Utareru Mae ni|Lucky Luciano ni Utareru Mae ni]]'', ''[[LAST ALLIANCE/Run into the Freedom|Run into the Freedom]]''
<br>- '''[[Tackey & Tsubasa]]''': ''[[Tackey & Tsubasa/Ai wa Takaramono|Ai wa Takaramono]]''
[ 11/28/10 ]
<br>- '''[[Berryz Koubou]]''': ''[[Berryz Koubou/Otoko no Ko|Otoko no Ko]]''
<br>- '''[[HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR]]''': ''[[HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR/Parade|Parade]]'', ''[[HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR/Secret Heart|Secret Heart]]''
<br>- '''[[Kouda Kumi]]''': ''[[Kouda Kumi/Dear Family|Dear Family]]''
<br>- '''[[Otowa Shinobu]]''': ''[[Otowa Shinobu/Hana Moe|Hana Moe]]''
<br>- '''[[Shugo Chara Egg!]]''': ''[[Shugo Chara Egg!/Minna no Tamago|Minna no Tamago]]''
<br>- '''[[Suizenji Kiyoko]]''': ''[[Suizenji Kiyoko/Namida wo Daita Wataridori|Namida wo Daita Wataridori]]''
[ 11/22/10 ]
<br>- '''[[Saruin]]''': ''[[Saruin/Agni|Agni]]'', ''[[Saruin/Asylum Garden|Asylum Garden]]'', ''[[Saruin/B.L.O.W~Kamiwaza Soukai~|B.L.O.W~Kamiwaza Soukai~]]'', ''[[Saruin/Death Ballet|Death Ballet]]'', ''[[Saruin/Vice un Glory|Vice un Glory]]''
<br>- '''[[VanessA]]''': ''[[VanessA/Memory Lapse|Memory Lapse]]''
[ 11/14/10 ]
<br>- '''[[Favorite Blue]]''': [[Favorite Blue/Ai Yori mo Hageshiku, Dare Yori mo Itoshiku|Ai Yori mo Hageshiku, Dare Yori mo Itoshiku]]
<br>- '''[[Rie fu]]''': ''[[Rie fu/Bedtime Story|Bedtime Story]]'', ''[[Rie fu#At Rie Sessions|At Rie Sessions album]]''
[ 10/27/10 ]
<br>- '''[[Anri]]''': ''[[Anri/Olivia wo Kikinagara|Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[Ayano Kanami]]''': ''[[Ayano Kanami/Olivia wo Kikinagara|Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[AZU]]''': [[AZU/Anata ni Aitakute|Anata ni Aitakute feat. Spontania]], [[AZU/Jikan yo Tomare|Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO]], [[AZU/Koi Iro|Koi Iro]]
<br>- '''[[BoA]]''': [[BoA/Mamoritai~White Wishes~|Mamoritai~White Wishes~]]
<br>- '''[[capsule]]''': ''[[capsule/Sugarless Girl|Sugarless Girl]]''
<br>- '''[[HANGRY & ANGRY]]''': ''[[HANGRY & ANGRY/Kill Me Kiss Me|Kill Me Kiss Me]]''
<br>- '''[[Ikimonogakari]]''': [[Ikimonogakari/Arigatou|Arigatou]], [[Ikimonogakari/Kimi ga Iru|Kimi ga Iru]], [[Ikimonogakari/Nostalgia|Nostalgia]]
<br>- '''[[Ippuudou]]''': [[Ippuudou/Sumire September Love|Sumire September Love]]
<br>- '''[[Itou Yuna]] feat. [[Spontania]]''': [[Itou Yuna feat. Spontania/Ima Demo Aitai yo...|Ima Demo Aitai yo...]]
<br>- '''[[Jully]]''': ''[[Jully/Bokura|Bokura]]'', ''[[Jully/Hoshi no Umi|Hoshi no Umi]]''
<br>- '''[[Kawamura Ryuuichi]]''': ''[[Kawamura Ryuuichi/Olivia wo Kikinagara|Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[Mana Kana]]''': ''[[Mana Kana/Olivia wo Kikinagara|Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakazawa Yuuko]]&#12539;[[Melon Kinenbi]]''': ''[[Nakazawa Yuuko&#12539;Melon Kinenbi/Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[Perfume]]''': ''[[Perfume/Ceramic Girl|Ceramic Girl]]'', ''[[Perfume/Electro World|Electro World]]'', ''[[Perfume/I Still Love U|I Still Love U]]'', ''[[Perfume/Perfect Star Perfect Style|Perfect Star Perfect Style]]'', ''[[Perfume/Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow|Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow]]'', ''[[Perfume/Voice|Voice]]''
<br>- '''[[pool bit boys]]''': [[pool bit boys/Fantastic Sign!|Fantastic Sign!]]
<br>- '''[[Sawada Chikako]]''': ''[[Sawada Chikako/Olivia wo Kikinagara|Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[SCANDAL]]''': [[SCANDAL/Koi Moyou|Koi Moyou]], [[SCANDAL/Namida no Regret|Namida no Regret]], [[SCANDAL/Sakura Goodbye|Sakura Goodbye]], [[SCANDAL/Shunkan Sentimental|Shunkan Sentimental]], [[SCANDAL/Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku Story|Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku Story]]
<br>- '''[[SEAMO]]''': [[SEAMO/Kokoro no Koe|Kokoro no Koe featuring AZU]]
<br>- '''[[Spontania]] feat. [[AZU]]''': [[Spontania feat. AZU/Onaji Sora Mitsumeteru Anata ni|Onaji Sora Mitsumeteru Anata ni]]
<br>- '''[[Tokunaga Hideaki]]''': ''[[Tokunaga Hideaki/Olivia wo Kikinagara|Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[Tsuruno Takeshi]]''': ''[[Tsuruno Takeshi/Olivia wo Kikinagara|Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[WAX]]''': ''[[WAX/Olivia wo Kikinagara|Olivia wo Kikinagara]]''
<br>- '''[[The Wild Ones]]''': ''[[The Wild Ones/Omoide no Nagisa|Omoide no Nagisa]]''
<br>- '''[[Yamashita Tomohisa]]''': ''[[Yamashita Tomohisa/After the Rain|After the Rain]]'', [[Yamashita Tomohisa/Loveless|Loveless]], ''[[Yamashita Tomohisa/One in a Million|One in a Million]]''
[ 10/5/10 ]
<br>- '''[[Amuro Namie]]''': ''[[Amuro Namie/Break It|Break It]]'', ''[[Amuro Namie/Get Myself Back|Get Myself Back]]''
<br>- '''[[Every Little Thing]]''': ''[[Every Little Thing/Kioku|Kioku]]''
<br>- '''[[Hajime Chitose]]''': ''[[Hajime Chitose/Megumi no Ame|Megumi no Ame]]''
<br>- '''[[Hamasaki Ayumi]]''': ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi/Crossroad|Crossroad]]'', ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi/Seven Days War|Seven Days War]]''
<br>- '''[[Kosaka Kyouko]]''': ''[[Kosaka Kyouko/Omoide Makura|Omoide Makura]]''
<br>- '''[[Kouda Kumi]]''': ''[[Kouda Kumi/Taboo|Taboo]]''
<br>- '''[[Maeda Yuki]]''': ''[[Maeda Yuki/Mianhaeyo~Gomen Nasai~|Mianhaeyo~Gomen Nasai~]]''
<br>- '''[[MEILIN|MEILIN with Limelight]]''': ''[[MEILIN with Limelight/My Sweet Darlin'|My Sweet Darlin']]''
<br>- '''[[Mori Masako]]''': ''[[Mori Masako/Omoide Makura|Omoide Makura]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakamori Akina]]''': ''[[Nakamori Akina/Omoide Makura|Omoide Makura]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakazawa Yuuko]]''': ''[[Nakazawa Yuuko/Yu-u-wa-ku|Yu-u-wa-ku]]''
<br>- '''[[Shimakura Chiyoko]]''': ''[[Shimakura Chiyoko/Omoide Makura|Omoide Makura]]''
<br>- '''[[Yaida Hitomi]]''': ''[[Yaida Hitomi/My Sweet Darlin'|My Sweet Darlin']]''
[ 9/15/10 ]
<br>- '''[[DEAD END]]''': ''[[DEAD END/So Sweet, So Lonely|So Sweet, So Lonely]]''
<br>- '''[[girug&auml;mesh]]''': ''[[girug&auml;mesh/Dirty Blue Blood|Dirty Blue Blood]]''
<br>- '''[[Gotou Maki]]''': ''[[Gotou Maki/Sayonara "Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no"|Sayonara "Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no"]]''
<br>- '''[[Jully]]''': ''[[Jully/Tsumugu Inochi|Tsumugu Inochi]]''
<br>- '''[[Kobukuro]]''': ''[[Kobukuro/Kaze|Kaze]]''
<br>- '''[[LIV]]''': ''[[LIV/Love Your Life|Love Your Life]]''
<br>- '''[[Michiyo]]''': ''[[Michiyo/Jecica|Jecica]]''
<br>- '''[[savage genius]]''': ''[[savage genius/Anata no You Desu|Anata no You Desu]]'', ''[[savage genius/Atashi no Subete~Die for You~|Atashi no Subete~Die for You~]]'', ''[[savage genius/Koigokoro|Koigokoro]]'', ''[[savage genius/Still I Love You|Still I Love You]]''
<br>- '''[[Shimatani Hitomi]]''': ''[[Shimatani Hitomi/Koimizu-Tears of Love-|Koimizu-Tears of Love-]]''
<br>- '''[[Supercell]]''': ''[[Supercell/Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni|Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni]]'', ''[[Supercell/Worldwide Love|Worldwide Love]]''
[ 8/9/10 ]
<br>- '''[[BUCK-TICK]]''': [[BUCK-TICK/Glamorous|Glamorous]]
<br>- '''[[Detroit Metal City]]''': ''[[Detroit Metal City/Satsugai|Satsugai]]''
<br>- '''[[Hamasaki Ayumi]]''': ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi/Blossom|Blossom]]''
<br>- '''[[Hattori Hiroko]]''': ''[[Hattori Hiroko/Aishuu Banka|Aishuu Banka]]''
<br>- '''[[Migiwa]]''': ''[[Migiwa/Kiseki Demo Nai Guuzen Demo Nai|Kiseki Demo Nai Guuzen Demo Nai]]'', ''[[Migiwa/You Are Precious|You Are Precious]]''
<br>- '''[[Miyako]]''': ''[[Miyako/Kyou Onna|Kyou Onna]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakazawa Yuuko]]''': ''[[Nakazawa Yuuko/Genki no Nai Hi no Komoriuta|Genki no Nai Hi no Komoriuta]]'', ''[[Nakazawa Yuuko/Klaxon|Klaxon]]''
<br>- '''[[Ootsu Kiko]]''': ''[[Ootsu Kiko/Chichi to Musume no Uta|Chichi to Musume no Uta]]''
<br>- '''[[T&C Bomber]]''': ''[[T&C Bomber/Don't Stop Renaichuu|Don't Stop Renaichuu]]''
<br>- '''[[Tommy february6]]''': ''[[Tommy february6/Love Is Forever|Love Is Forever]]''
<br>- '''[[Utsumi Miyuki]]''': ''[[Utsumi Miyuki/Yopparatchatta|Yopparatchatta]]''
<br>- '''[[VAMPS]]''': ''[[VAMPS/Kyuketsu|Kyuketsu -Satsugai Vamps Ver.-]]'', [[VAMPS/Live Wire|Live Wire]], ''[[VAMPS#Beast|Beast album]]''
[ 8/1/10 ]
<br>- '''[[Alice Kurara]]''': ''[[Alice Kurara/Kimi no Yume wo Miyou|Kimi no Yume wo Miyou]]''
<br>- '''[[Ayase Kazumi]]''': ''[[Ayase Kazumi/Michinoku Banka|Michinoku Banka]]''
<br>- '''[[Ide Mariko]]''': ''[[Ide Mariko/Style|Style]]''
<br>- '''[[Itou Yuna]]''': ''[[Itou Yuna#Wish|Wish album]]''
<br>- '''[[LIV]]''': ''[[LIV/Kinmokusei|Kinmokusei]]''
<br>- '''[[Taiyou to Ciscomoon]]''': ''[[Taiyou to Ciscomoon/Everyday Everywhere|Everyday Everywhere]]'', ''[[Taiyou to Ciscomoon/Gatamekira|Gatamekira]]'', ''[[Taiyou to Ciscomoon/Magic of Love|Magic of Love]]''
[ 7/11/10 ]
<br>- '''[[Hamasaki Ayumi]]''': ''[[Hamasaki Ayumi/Moon|Moon]]''
<br>- '''[[Hey! Say! BEST]]''': ''[[Hey! Say! BEST/Switch|Switch]]''
<br>- '''[[Hey! Say! JUMP]]''': ''[[Yamada Ryousuke/Moonlight|Moonlight]]''
<br>- '''[[Kobukuro]]''': ''[[Kobukuro/Anata e to Tsuzuku Michi|Anata e to Tsuzuku Michi]]''
<br>- '''[[Mita Kaori]]''': ''[[Mita Kaori/Hana to Arashi no Jinsei sa|Hana to Arashi no Jinsei sa]]''
<br>- '''[[Moriwaka Satoko]]''': ''[[Moriwaka Satoko/Onna no Shunjuu|Onna no Shunjuu]]''
<br>- '''[[Otowa Shinobu]]''': ''[[Otowa Shinobu/Shinobu no Wataridori|Shinobu no Wataridori]]''
[ 7/5/10 ]
<br>- '''[[Angela Aki]]''': ''[[Angela Aki/Still Fighting It|Still Fighting It]]''
<br>- '''[[BoA]]''': ''[[BoA/Kiseki|Kiseki]]''
<br>- '''[[CAROL]]''': ''[[CAROL/Funky Monkey Baby|Funky Monkey Baby]]''
<br>- '''[[girugämesh]]''': ''[[girugämesh#girugämesh|girugämesh album]]''
<br>- '''[[Melon Kinenbi]] x [[Midori]]''': ''[[Melon Kinenbi x Midori/Sweet Suicide Summer Story|Sweet Suicide Summer Story]]''
<br>- '''[[Michiyo]]''': ''[[Michiyo/Kite|Kite]]''
<br>- '''[[Nakamura Ataru]]''': ''[[Nakamura Ataru/Watashi no Naka no "Ii Onna"|Watashi no Naka no "Ii Onna"]]''

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[ 1/28/21 ]
- Iwasa Misaki: Migi Te to Hidari Te no Blues
- SING LIKE TALKING: Spirit of Love
- SOCIAL EMPIRE: Lost My Seed, Rust

[ 12/28/20 ]
- Walküre: Onya no Ko Girl

[ 11/28/20 ]
- CHAGE and ASKA: Higher Ground, N to L no Baseball Cap, Not At All, Otoko to Onna, Tao
- Hashimoto Miyuki: Rebirth, Screaming

[ 10/27/20 ]
- Ann Lewis: Koi no Boogie Woogie Train
- DREAMS COME TRUE: Nante Koi Shitan Daro, Peace!, Romance, Sou Da yo, Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!
- E-girls: Koi no Boogie Woogie Train
- Hayami Yuu: Koi no Boogie Woogie Train
- Ishii Rika: Sore ga Shiawase Nan Da to Omou
- Yamasaki Hako: Otoko to Onna no Heya
- ZOO: Koi no Boogie Woogie Train

[ 9/29/20 ]
- DREAMS COME TRUE: Ahaha, Jikan Ryokou, Kessen no Kinyoubi, Kusuri Yubi no Kesshin, Marry Me?, 24/7-Twenty Four/Seven-
- Hiyama Nobuyuki: Joh! Butsu
- Horie Yui: In You
- Kumai Motoko: Laugh After Pain
- Park Romi: Jiri
- UNISON SQUARE GARDEN: Counter Identity

[ 8/29/20 ]
- Clarity: Coup d'etat
- Hayashibara Megumi: Kirameku Kakera
- Matsuoka Nanase x KiRiSaMe UNDERTAKER: Da La Doubt
- Yamasaki Hako: Ao Shingou, Beetle, Kibun wo Kaete

[ 7/31/20 ]
- Matsumoto Jun: Come Back to Me
- BRADIO: Chocolate Flavor
- Official HIGE DANdism: Rowan
- Yorushika: Ame to Cappuccino, Hitchcock

[ 6/29/20 ]
- Kobukuro: Taiyou, Takarajima, To Calling of Love
- Okuda Tamio: Sun no Son, Sun's Market

[ 5/31/20 ]
- Kobukuro: Blue Blue, Negai no Uta

[ 4/29/20 ]
- Kobukuro: Answer, Bell

[ 3/31/20 ]
- Kanda Sayaka: NIji Iro no Natsu

[ 2/28/20 ]
- Aikawa Nanase: Second Wind, Shock of Love, Sweet Emotion, That Day + That Moment, Troublemaker
- Hotaru: Shinsou

[ 1/31/20 ]
- Aikawa Nanase: Koigokoro, Natsu no Hi no Coral

[ 12/28/19 ]
- Aikawa Nanase: Bye Bye, Crying, Jealousy, Kanojo to Watashi no Jijou

[ 11/28/19 ]
- cinema staff: The Ghost
- Official HIGE DANdism: Pretender
- Oonuki Taeko: Tasogare

[ 10/31/19 ]
- navy&ivory: Kekkon Toujitsu~Boku no Oyomesan~
- Perfume: Counter Attraction
- Yorushika: Tada Kimi ni Hare
- Yoshi Ikuzou: Yukiguni

[ 9/30/19 ]
- Aikawa Nanase: Bad Girls
- dps: Lucky Summer Days
- navy&ivory: Eien ni Ichiban Chikai Hi Made, Hikari, On the Table, Twilight

[ 8/30/19 ]
- Aikawa Nanase: Atto Iu Ma, Crystal Heart, Everybody Goes, Glorious Night, Heat of the Night, Lovin' You, Owarinai Yume, Seven Seas, Tattoo, Yume Miru Shoujo ja Irarenai
- back number: Ayashii Hikari, Densha no Mado Kara
- a crowd of rebellion: Dystopia
- Itsuwa Mayumi: Haru Dayori
- King Gnu: Hakujitsu
- SUPER BEAVER: Futari no Koto
- Yanagisawa Junko: Oshichi Koi Monogatari

[ 7/29/19 ]
- COLOR (Buzy): Yoake Mae
- illion: Aiwaguma
- No Regret Life: Nakushita Kotoba
- Kurosaki Maon: Roar
- RADWIMPS: IIn Desu ka?, Me Me She, Oshakashama
- RYTHEM: Harmonia
- Split end: Lost Sea
- Suzuki Ami: Drive Me Crazy

[ 6/30/19 ]
- Saegusa U-ka IN db: I Can't See, I Can't Feel, Itsumo Sugao no Watashi de Itai, Kimi no Ai ni Tsutsumarete Itai, Tobitatenai Watashi ni Anata ga Tsubasa wo Kureta

[ 5/31/19 ]
- Kami Fuusen: Fuyu ga Kuru Mae ni
- JAM Project: The Brave
- Ridy Hudson: Koe
- Yoshiki Risa: Navigation, Vocaloid ga Rival

[ 4/30/19 ]
- Idoling!!!: One Up!!!
- Nakazawa Yuuko: Ame yo

[ 3/29/19 ]
- Lozareena: Good Night Mare
- Mukai Taichi: Hero
- navy&ivory: Chiisana Birthday Song, Kimi wo Wasureru Mahou ga Areba, Koibito, Nee, Saiai

[ 2/26/19 ]
- Gotou Maki: Afurechau...Be in Love, Ai no Baka Yarou, Glass no Pumps, Yaru Ki! It's Easy
- Ogura Yui: Enjoy!
- Tadokoro Azusa: Little Soldier

[ 1/31/19 ]
- girugämesh: Nobody, Puzzle
- JUNNA: Vai! Ya! Vai!
- SPITZ: Memories, Memories - Custom

[ 12/31/18 ]
- girugämesh: Ishtar
- Gotou Maki: Wow Suteki!
- miwa: Title

[ 11/30/18 ]
- BeforU: Little Wings
- CHAGE and ASKA: Boku wa Kono Me de Uso wo Tsuku, Epilogue, Hitorizaki
- Sakou Tomohisa: Fukanzen Monochlogue

[ 10/31/18 ]
- Aina the End: Kienaide
- MISIA: Ai no Uta, Birthday Cake, Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei, Wasurenai Hibi
- Shishido Kavka: Miss. Miss Me, Wagamama

[ 9/29/18 ]
- ZARD: Mou Sukoshi Ato Sukoshi..., My Baby Grand~Nukumori ga Hoshikute~, My Friend, Today Is Another Day

[ 8/31/18 ]
- Matsutouya Yumi: Hello, My Friend, Saigo no Uso
- RYTHEM: After Hours, Before Sleep, All-Ways, Nekoze
- ZARD: Don't You See!, Eien, In My Arms Tonight, Kimi ga Inai

[ 7/31/18 ]
- BRADIO: You Make Me Feel Brand New
- FIELD OF VIEW: Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku, Last Good-bye
- GARNET CROW: Argentina, Go For It, Trade
- indigo la End: Ao Ito
- Rurutia: Don't Look at the Color
- SHE'S: Tonight
- Shibasaki Kou: Mukei Spirit, Parallel World Reading
- ZARD: Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku, Last Good-bye

[ 6/29/18 ]
- GLAY: A Boy~Zutto Wasurenai~, Great Vacation
- heidi.: Machikado Bojou, Maria, Nakibue
- ketchup mania: Namida Vacuum Sound, Your World
- Kotani Kinya: Glaring Dream, The Rage Beat, Sweet Sweet Samba
- Unicorn: I'm a Loser, Jitensha Dorobou, Subarashii Hibi

[ 5/31/18 ]
- Gesu no Kiwami Otome.: Mou Setsunai to wa Iwasenai
- SUPER GIRLS: Akai Jounetsu, Max! Otomegokoro, Puripuri Summer Kiss

[ 4/30/18 ]
- lecca: Ashita ni Nattara, For You, Kurenai Sora, Namida no Hi

[ 3/30/18 ]
- Cupitron: Battery, Love Science
- lecca: Anata
- TOKIO: Taiyou to Sabaku no Bara

[ 2/27/18 ]
- AIKI & AKINO from bless4: Tsuki no Mou Hanbun
- Ketsumeishi: Motto, Sakura
- Okuda Tamio: Arigatou, Hana ni Naru, Kanashikute Yarikirenai, Kangoku Rock, Sasurai

[ 1/31/18 ]
- dps: Day by Day
- Johnny's WEST: Into Your Eyes
- Ketsumeishi: Asahi, Kimi Iro, Life Is Beautiful, Taiyou
- Kosaka Riyu: Dahlia, Saisho no Melody
- SPiKA: Seize the Day
- TWICE: Candy Pop
- yurisa: Love & Different

[ 12/31/17 ]
- Crystal Kay: Time Goes By
- Ketsumeishi: Tabiudo
- Toyonaga Toshiyuki: Sayonara

[ 11/30/17 ]
- moumoon: Baby Goodbye, I Say You Say I Love You, Never Enough, Pain, Will You?
- NAO: Anna ni Ano Ko no Koto wo Omotteru Yatsu wa Inakatta
- TWICE: One More Time

[ 10/31/17 ]
- Buzy: Mizu Iro no Hoshi, Nakitai Yoru ni Kikitai Kotoba, One Heart
- KIRINJI: Arcadia
- Mr.Children: Another Mind, Goodbye My Gloomy Days, Natsu ga Owaru~Natsu no Hi no Homage~, Sayonara 2001 Nen

[ 9/30/17 ]
- Itou Kanako: Hateshinai Aozora e, Heartbreaking Romance
- Mr.Children: Arifureta Love Story~Danjo Mondai wa Itsumo Mendou Da~

[ 8/31/17 ]
- BeforU: Ijiwaru na Ai, Ikiru Imi, Kimi to Sora to Zutto
- BOYSTYLE: Talk to Myself
- dps: Heartbreak Diary
- KAT-TUN: Keep the Faith, Love, Message for You, One Drop

[ 7/31/17 ]
- KANA-BOON: Baton Road
- KAT-TUN: The D-Motion, Don't U Ever Stop, Hello, Love Yourself~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~, To the Limit
- Metis: Zutto Soba ni...
- Minami Sayaka: Life
- SALU: Tomorrowland
- Suzuki Ami: Fantastic, Reality, Infinity Eighteen Vol. 1 album
- TM NETWORK: Be Together, Dive into Your Body
- ZONE: Daibakuhatsu No. 1, Good Days, Hitoshizuku

[ 6/30/17 ]
- BeforU: Originality
- Honda Minako: Anata to I Love You
- Kamenashi Kazuya: 1582, Ai Shite Iru Kara, Sweet, W/O Notice??
- KAT-TUN: Change Ur World
- ZONE: Yakusoku~August, 10 Years Later~

[ 5/31/17 ]
- Atsumi Jirou: Futari no Ashita
- Hamada Shougo: Futari no Natsu, Kataomoi, Last Show, Oka no Ue no Ai, Owarinaki Shissou, Rojiura no Shounen
- Kominato Miwa: Ai no Chikara, Itoshii Hito e
- Little Glee Monster: Hop Step Jump!
- Suzuki Ami: SA album

[ 4/30/17 ]
- Hayabusa: Chotto Matte yo Yokohama, Yokohama Yokorenbo
- Kabata Saki: Fish
- Kimura Kaela: Jasper
- 9nine: Love Me?
- TWO-MIX: Just Communication, Last Impression

[ 3/30/17 ]
- Eins:Vier: Come More Slowly, Kimi ga Sutesarou Tomo
- Karen: Enka Nanka Utaenai
- Kawazoe Tomohisa: Stand Up to the Victory
- Plasmagica: Ryuusei Dream Line
- tohko: Feel Like Our Days
- Yamazaki Tomomi: Enka Nanka Utaenai
- Yoshinaga Sayuri: Enka Nanka Utaenai

[ 2/27/17 ]
- Johnny's WEST: Bokura
- marina: History
- NICO Touches the Walls: Hologram
- Oohara Sakurako: Aoi Kisetsu
- Sukima Switch: Golden Time Lover
- twinkle*twinkle: Supernova
- YUI: Again, Highway Chance, I Wanna Be..., Namidairo, Swing of Lie

[ 1/31/17 ]
- Asuka Yui: Melody
- GLAY: Aka to Kuro no Matadora, I Am XXX, Kodou, Soshite, Kore Kara mo
- Johnny's WEST: You're My Treasure
- Ogura Yui: Honey Come!!
- Shizukusa Yumi: Feel
- sus4: Good Fine Everyday

[ 12/30/16 ]
- CHEMISTRY: Aikagi, A Better Tomorrow, Floatin', Keep Your Love, Now or Never, This Night, Two as One (CHEMISTRY x Crystal Kay), Two as One (Crystal Kay x CHEMISTRY)
- Imai Eriko: Butterfly, Identity, In the Name of Love, Our Relation, Set Me Free!, Stairway

[ 11/28/16 ]
- Eins:Vier: And I'll, In Your Dream
- KCB: Shin Sekai, Uchiage Hanabi
- Matsumoto Yasunori: My Way Stay Love
- Miss Magazine 2003: Yuuki
- Mitsuyoshi Takenobu: Ano Nami wo Koete
- Nagayama Youko: Suterarete
- Nishida Takeshi: Winner or Loser
- Okamoto Maya: Shisen kara Dangerous
- SPITZ: Hotaru

[ 10/31/16 ]
- AMADEUS: Kiyomerareta Yoru
- GARNET CROW: Circle Days, Eiyuu, Float World, P.S Girl, Seijaku no Concerto, Yofuke no Ryuuseitachi

[ 9/30/16 ]
- Matsui Naoko: Super Girl '96
- Miki Shinichirou: Time After Time
- Nishida Takeshi: Chain Reaction
- Vivian Hsu: Issen Ichibyou no Himitsu, Kuchibiru no Shinwa

[ 8/29/16 ]
- GALEYD: Crazy Angel
- Johnny's WEST: Cho-Extacy
- Mysterious Roses: Mysterious Roses
- Porno Graffitti: Agehachou, Apollo, Mugen, Shiawase ni Tsuite Honki Dashite Kangaete Mita, Uzu, Voice
- Mitsuyoshi Takenobu: Ai wa Tsuienai, Natsu no Arashi
- Takahara Yuki: Dancing Shadow
- Watanabe Noriko: Hare, Tokidoki Kill Me

[ 7/30/16 ]
- Johnny's WEST: King of Chance
- Kobayashi Azusa: Tear Drop
- Mitsuyoshi Takenobu: Believe in Love
- Porno Graffitti: Angry Bird, Desire
- Takahara Yuki: Oh, My Shinin' Star

[ 6/30/16 ]
- Aoi Eir: Innocence
- Miss Magazine 2003: Atarashii Sora
- Mr.Children: Hoshi ni Naretara, Mirror, Niji no Kanata e, Oudan Hodou wo Wataru Hitotachi
- Oota Hiromi: Akai High Heel
- Uchida Maaya: Realize~Hajimari no Toki~

[ 5/30/16 ]
- AMADEUS: Kyozou no Kami
- GUNIW TOOLS: Fudan no Mado
- Hirai Ken: Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wo Suru
- Ishikawa Sayuri: Chanto Iwanakya Ai Sanai
- momo: Pocket Bell ga Narippanashi, Pocket Bell Night wa 5643
- Moritaka Chisato: Hijitsuryokuha Sengen, Let's Go, Sweet Candy
- Mr.Children: Hitsuji, Hoeru, My Confidence Song
- Osaka Performance Doll: Nong!
- Sawai Miku: Darling
- Sakamoto Fuyumi: Kita no Kaikyou

[ 4/30/16 ]
- Heike Michiyo: Akai Tsuki, Hey! Hey! Girls Soul, Hitorigurashi, Sasaete Kurenakucha
- Ichii Sayaka in CUBIC-CROSS: Zutto ne
- Maeda Yuki: Hana, Saranghaeyo~Ai Shiteru~, Shima Uta
- Rie fu: Bigger Picture album
- Sawai Miku: Yubiwa~Atashi, Kyou, Kekkon Shimasu~

[ 3/31/16 ]
- THE ALFEE: Tanpopo no Uta
- GRANRODEO: Rimfire
- Heike Michiyo: Ame, Ame, Yoru, Furimukanaide, Papa to Mama, Ru Ru Ru, Suteki na Koi, Suteki na Yoru, Tokai no Yoru, Yume no Hanashi
- Igarashi Hiroaki: Deep Purple
- Inaba Atsuko: Sugar Time
- Inoue Sonoko: Taisetsu na Kimi e
- Matsuyama Chiharu: Oozora to Daichi no Naka de
- Melon Kinenbi: Kirai, Suki Suki Suki Honto, Uso Uso Uso
- PRINCESS PRINCESS: 19 Growing Up~Ode to My Buddy~, Flame, Joudan ja Nai, Keep on Lovin' You, She
- SEIKIMA II: Rouningyou no Yakata
- Shinohara Tomoe: Kokoro no Usagi
- Tainaka Sachi: Innocent
- Tendou Yoshimi: Dai-chan Kazoe Uta
- Tujiko Noriko: Gift, Vinyl Words
- Ukadan: Atare! Takarakuji, $10 no Koi, Osouji Obachan
- W (Double You): Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!, Friendship, Jinx, Miss Love Tantei, Robo Kiss, Samidare Koi Uta, Sexy Snow

[ 2/29/16 ]
- Anisama Friends: Hajimare, The Gate!!
- Iida Kaori: Plein D'Amour~Ai ga Ippai~ album, Sayonara Made ni Shitai 10 no Koto
- Ishikawa Sayuri: Naute no Dorobou Neko
- Jiraiya: Tawai mo Nai Boku no Uta Dakedo
- Johnny's WEST: Eternal, Kimi e no Melody
- Kaguya Hime: Ano Hito no Tegami, Haruka Naru Omoi
- Minami Kousetsu: Natsu no Shoujo
- NakamuraEmi: Yamabiko
- Oda Kazumasa: Midori no Machi
- Shimatani Hitomi: Kokoro no Mama ni
- Sudou Kazumi: Umi no Triton

[ 1/31/16 ]
- THE ALFEE: Catch Your Earth
- Iida Kaori: Mafuyu no Rondo
- Sada Masashi: Tobiume, Tsuyu no Atosaki
- Sasoriza: Mado Glass no Henohenomoheji
- Sera Masanori & Twist: Anta no Ballad
- Shimatani Hitomi: Yabure Kabure
- Southern All Stars: Shiori no Theme
- Yoshida Takurou: Natsu Yasumi